Photo Gallery

Photos of Martin 2-17's from various years included. Click on any photo for slideshow with navigation & captions.

1922 or 1923

This is a 2-17 which Martin manufactured under the Wurlitzer brand. Martin built 99 Wurlitzer branded 2-17s from 1922 through 1924. Prior to Feb 29, 1923 these guitars were not serialized. As this one has no serial number it was made in 1922 or early 1923. The single banded rosette differs from the Martin branded 2-17 rosette. Photos courtesy of Mike who has put together this nice site about this guitar.


A 1924 in great condition. Photos courtesy of Uke Richard.

1924 Catalog

Excerpts from the 1924 Martin Catalog that include references the 2-17. Courtesy of Uke Richard.


This are some nice photos of a 1925 in particularily good condition (possibly refinished). Photos courtesy of Schoenberg Guitars.


This example has a nice detail shot of the binding, rosette and fret position markers. The three on a plate tuning machines are non original as are the bridgepins. Unique to this model are the words "Made in USA" above the standard C.F. Martin and Co Nazareth, PA stamp.


Four pictures of a 1928 2-17. Photos courtesy of Jack.

1930 Catalog

Excerpts from the 1930 Martin Catalog that include references the 2-17. Courtesy of Uke Richard.


Some beautiful photos of this model, which is in superb condition. This guitar was originally owned by the late Anna (Hutchinson) Hoopii, widow of Sol Hoopii who was known by many as the "King of the Hawaiian Guitar". The guitar was given to Anna by her father when she was a teenager in 1931. Photos courtesy of Bill Simpson.