1925 2-17 The Martin model 2-17 is often glossed over in the storied history of C.F. Martin & Co guitars.   This mahogany topped guitar was manufactured during the beginning of what is considered the Golden Era of Martin guitar production.

The popularity of vintage Martin guitars is at an all time high with models made prior to World War going for a premium for players and collectors alike.   The 2-17, although manufactured in the same factory by the same talented craftspeople with many of the same materials, remains relatively low on the long list of desirable vintage Martin guitars.   Nevertheless, the craftsmanship and materials are top notch, and the instrument has a unique voice and is extremely comfortable to play.

Presently, information on the model 2-17 is sparse and often limited to a footnote.   This website was created in order to collect and publish information about this model.   Any corrections, recommendations, questions, information, stories, photos etc are welcome.